11th Annual NYC Unicycle Festival

September 3 — September 6, 2020

A Weekend One Wheel Madness

Battery Park to Central Park
Staten Island
Grant’s Tomb


Long Distance Rides • A Physically Distanced One-wheel Happening

Produced by Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts, Inc., the New York City Unicycle Festival traditionally brings together recreational riders, world-class performers, mountain and off-road unicycle enthusiasts, mono—wheel vehicle inventors, and thousands of people who have not ridden in umpteen years, along with circus enthusiasts, extreme sports viewers, and anyone seeking an unusual sight –even for NYC!

We are making modifications this year in relation to Covid-19. Our primary focus this year will be longer distance rides. We are unable to host the public events on Governors Island, and are staying away from activities that require close proximity, such as unicycle sumo and basketball. We also will not be offering a learn-to-ride area.

More details are available on the about page.

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