Thursday August 31, 2023 – Manhattan West Side/Central Park Ride


Meeting place: Battery Park North, at the start of the NYC Greenway, Thursday, 1SEP16 at 10:00AM. Photo will be taken at 10:15AM with the WTC as a backdrop.

Meeting place: Battery Park North, at the start of the NYC Greenway

When: 10:00AM


Ken Springle,  917 561-0101,

This ride is not suggest for beginner riders. Additional notes for the west side ride:

  1. The ride is not a race. It is a fun opportunity for unicyclists from around the world to socialize, ride together, and explore the city on one wheel.
  2. All riders ride at their own risk.
  3. Obey all traffic laws.
  4. Wheel size of 26” and larger is suggested.
  5. Although most of the ride is protected from vehicles, riders should be familiar and comfortable with riding in traffic.
  6. Proposed routes may change slightly due to traffic, road conditions, or construction.
  7. Wearing safety gear is highly encouraged, especially a helmet and wrist guards.
  8. Be diligent while riding, especially in Central Park. Sometimes park goers can be rude.
  9. We are going to make every reasonable/safe effort to ride, even in the rain. Be prepared.
  10. There is no SAG (Support and Gear) vehicle provided for this ride.
  11. Items to take with you:
  1. See map for rest stops and route. Plan on eating lunch at Columbus Circle and then returning to Battery Park after lunch via the west side Greenway.